Mar 23, 2014

Door to Door Promotion: Propast & Dementia Senex & This Place Is A Zoo

These releases were sent to me via email and they are posted by request.
Propast - Věstnik Preispodnji [EP]
Black Metal from Serbia

Straightforward black metal with chilling production and great harsh vocals and satanic content. The band has only released this EP for now and it contains a Graveland cover too, which is pinpointing their style, in the likes of any slavic black metal band. Lyrics and titles in Serbian.
Dementia Senex - Heartworm [EP]
 Death Metal / Sludge / Doom Metal / Post-Hardcore from Italy
Dementia Senex is a project that was started, and keeps getting developed over the years; from 2008 to 2011 the band, which was at an embryonic stage, slowly started to grow. The band got to play with bands such as Ulcerate (NZ), Svart Crown (FR), Fleshgod Apocalypse, Putridity, Fuck The Facts (CAN), Murder Therapy and The Modern Age Slavery... achieving good visibility in the Italian underground death metal scene. In 2012 Dementia Senex feels highly motivated and has already started performing live. A new repertory, much different and meaningful; a sick mix of death metal, post core and doom is ready to be played.
This Place Is A Zoo - People Movers [Single]
Experimental Metal / Hardcore / Electronic from the US

A track from the upcoming This Place Is A Zoo album could possibly be described from the very band name, when it brings different styles and sounds together to create this uplifting and party-like music. These guys have released a full album in 2011 named A Good Time and an EP in 2012 named It's A Fucking Tree. Fun banging.

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