Sep 3, 2013

Door to Door Promotion: JJ Flames & The Genesis of Evil

Three paths that lead to three doors. Three doors that open into one room.

It is here that JJ Flames and the Genesis of Evil converged. Three different journeys, but their underlying truths were alike. A passion for music, words and creativity bound them together, and it was from this unity that Shadow Flag was born.

SHADOW FLAG is the story of The Voyager. It combines elements of poetry and dark music so that this tale can be told.
The Voyager traverses his own hells with a sole purpose - to seek out a life without disguise. A life for the self. A life beneath the layers. A life that all must discover.

JJ Flames & The Genesis of Evil is a black metal/spoken word poetry project. They just released their album "Shadow Flag" and it is more or less a dark audio book with background dark ambient music. It is something authentic and it was an interesting listen, as the tracks deliver the stories in an amazing way.

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